BSL BASLE巴塞尔 (瑞士)
BEW BEIRA贝拉 (莫桑比克)
BEY BEIRUT贝鲁特(黎巴嫩)
BEL BELEM贝伦 (巴西)
BFS BELFAST贝尔法斯特 (英国)
BEG BELGRADE贝尔格莱得(南斯拉夫)
BZE BELIZA伯利兹(伯利兹)Third Party Logistics

Developing the latest third-party logistics management solutions for international trade operators.

Including: Order placement, automatic replenishment, selection of transportation, packaging and labeling, products regrouping, import and export agency, customer planning, implementation of new logistics workflow, and providing practical solutions and transportation management strategies to improve cost-efficiency. The outcomes are beyond our customers’ expectations and requirements.
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